Punjab Model Bazaars Management Company (PMBMC), a Public Sector Company is incorporated under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984. PMBMC operates under the    Industries, Commerce, Investment & Skills Development Department (ICI&SD). ICI&SD is the administrative department of the Company.

Model Bazaars is a special initiative by the government of Punjab for general public to provide daily usage commodities under a respectful and easily accessible environment throughout the year. It is ensured that daily use items are provided on notified/competitive rates in a neat and clean atmosphere along with allied facilities/services i.e. prayer room/area, food court, joy land, neat and clean washrooms etc.

Provision of daily consumer goods to general public in a decent environment is a fundamental objective of Model Bazaars and at the same time, providing a business platform to lower and middle class families is yet another defining trait of the Model Bazaars. These Model Bazaars welcome lower and middle class entrepreneurs to run their business in a respectable manner where they are offered stall(s) against nominal monthly rent. On average around fifteen thousand (15,000) stall holders earn their livelihood from these Bazaars. Customers of the Bazaars and Stall holders are further facilitated with free electricity, free parking, shopping trolleys, clean drinking water, sanitation and security services. Owing to its nice environment and quality goods and services, on average 43.2 million people visit thirty-five (35) Model Bazaars in Punjab on an annual basis.

The overwhelming success of these Model Bazaars have further strengthened and widened the vision of the management to extend its quality services to the general public. It is worth mentioning here that PMBMC has also specially focused on constructing Bazaars in the underprivileged areas of southern Punjab.

It’s the outcome of popularity of Model Bazaars among masses that Government of the Punjab has decided to establish model bazaars in 142 tehsils of Punjab. Government has also decided to keep all model bazaars open for seven days a week to give maximum relief to masses.