Independence Day Special



Farhan Dilawar Sheikh
Cheif Internal Auditor
تیرا ہر اک ذرہ ہم کو اپنی جان سے پیارا
تیرے دم سے شان ہماری تجھ سے نام ہمارا
چاند میری زمیں، پھول میرا وطن
تجھ پہ دل قربان، تجھ پہ جان بھی قربان ہے
تیری وادی وادی گھوموں، تیرا کونا کونا چوموں
میرا دل ہے پاکستان، میری جان ہے پاکستان

Sky is bracing, zephyr is bopping, and heart is crooning. And why not! After all, it is time for celebrations, revels and exhilarations.

The day that is one of the most blessed and momentous ones in our history, is not far away. The Land of Pure would be of 73 tomorrow. Though I have not been able to mark all of the birth days of my beloved homeland but yet those which I have celebrated, especially during my childhood, unquestionably were full of enthusiasm and lofty spirits. I still can recollect those unforgettable days when I used to string thousands of little green flags throughout the night. Most of the time when I had displayed the flag-strings onto the roof of my house, it started raining cats and dogs. Drenched in rainy water I used to frolic myself under the green strings. And when it was sunny, I remember, I sat beneath it and joyfully tried to grab  fluttering shadow of the little-green-flags. In school Independence Day speeches and national songs competitions were the fundamentals of this big occasion. All of us used to participate ardently. But today when I have stepped into the balcony of youth, I wish that gone time would have halt at that moment forever. I don’t know why I feel my conscience calling me a traitor now. I and almost all other youngsters of my age, though, merrily croon national songs, undertake number of pledges on this particular day, vow to serve the homeland at our life’s stake, host green flag on the top of roofs but as soon as the big day passes, all these pledges start fading with the passage of time. Daydreams of “immigration” set in at very early stage of our lives. And putting behind all of the swears, تجھ پہ دل قربان، تجھ پہ جان بھی قربان ہے”, we pine for foreign countries, for a prosperous and secure future out there.

“No doubt the entire atmosphere is really inspiring every year. It stirs up to do something extraordinary for the land that has given us an identity but literally speaking, I no more feel secure and independent in real sense. I specially feel really angry at our leaders whose daily expense is millions of rupee while poor are committing suicides out of hunger. The educated lots are aching for job and fake degree holders are the king the parliament. That leaves me disappointed”, says 23 years old, Sehar Sheikh. Basically, unsteady conditions prevailing in this part of world is the key reason of such a daunting mindset of today’s youth. And chaotic political scenario is adding fuel to fire. Our youth is bewildered today. Where their conscience stimulates them to be loyal and optimistic, there numerous crises widespread in the country work as pests and make them feel down once again. But despite this turbulent situation, all of Us have to realize whatever Pakistan is, it is our birthplace, our motherland, our recognition! We are simply nothing without it. Our elders had done what they had to. Instead of blaming them we have to take a stand. Honestly speaking, such encouraging words are never going to pay us unless we have sincere and dedicated attitude towards it. “I believe this nation does not need orators. We have had enough of them. People we need are thinkers – those who can show people a way to live, a way to move on in the tough times that we are in!”, says Naeema Akram.

In this context, Independence Day should be a real turn for all of us this year. With high spirits every one of us, leaders, students, businessmen, housewives, should vow to change this country by changing our attitude. Instead of raising fingers on others, every one of us should review him/herself. Our Independence Day should be a day of accountability and personal criticism. We ought to hold ourselves accountable for the wrongdoings that we keep on committing against our homeland throughout the year. The fire ignited shouldn’t be extinguished. Rather it should spread out to the masses to create a sensation as they say that no winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. Happy Independence Day to all! :)