Defense Day Special



Mariya Iqbal
Manager HR
@Manager HR


Defense Day – A Day to Salute!

6th September 1965, if that day Pakistan hadn’t protected itself, we couldn’t be able to live facilitated and independent. It was the day when India thought that it’s very easy to destroy Pakistan because of its political instability and defenselessness but it became the day when harmony and devotion were seen everywhere in the country.

This day was all about the sacrifices of our martyrs who lost their lives in defending us. Whether it was a surprise attack from our opponent but our great army taught such a black lesson to our rivals that they can’t forget. Keeping in sight the worth of sacrifices of all our martyrs, it’s obligatory to give utterance about “Major Aziz Bhatti” known as “Muhafiz e Lahore” who has been granted by supreme military gallantry award i.e. “Nishan e Haider” “Sword of honor” owing to his astonishing courageousness. For a Pakistani, this day has its charm that how our daring and courageous heroes commanded Indian attacks. Many celebrations schedule on this day in remembrance of this awe-inspiring vanquish. It wasn’t only a day to reminisce the happening while to escalate the unity in every region of the nation. We should keep an eye on the bundle of frameworks in regards to this day i.e. how to stay cohesive in times of war, learn to sacrifice for country’s defense, and especially how to follow the track of footsteps of our armed forces. We as a nation should have self-assurance on ourselves that no one can bounce us towards destruction if and only if we are united, politically dependent. We should also remember the detriments; our Kashmiris’ general public is making for independence. We must adopt an approach to tackle the hate prevailing day by day. I pray that ALLAH ALMIGHTY grant us the tenacity to take our country on the track of fortitude and strength.